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Safety and Protection

At Renovo Dental, we follow the highest safety and hygiene standards to ensure optimal safety of our patients and our team members.

All our equipment, doors, surfaces, floors; everything is disinfected several times a day, regardless of if how long it takes.

We have industrial standard equipment to enable a rigorous dental decontamination process.

Dental environments are frequently exposed to high levels of contaminated indoor air. The aerosols generated during routine dental procedures are known to carry significant levels of microbial contaminants.

At Renovo Dental, every room is well ventilated.  we use the specialist Novaerous air disinfection system that uses Nanostrike plasma technology that safely kills and neutralises all airborne microorganisms including Covid-19.  

Digital imaging

At Renovo Dental, we invest in the most innovative dental treatments and technologies.

One such example is our state-of-the-art Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanner. This scanner produces incredible high-resolution 3D images of the mouth including bones, jaws, teeth and soft tissue using the lowest possible radiation dose.

The CBCT scanner allows us to plan and perform very precise implant surgery. Consequently, the surgery itself is faster, easier and more efficient for our surgeons and safer, more comfortable and results in faster healing for our patients.

With this type of equipment on site, our patients can receive the very best care and treatment under one roof.

Digital scanning

Let’s imagine your future smile on our computer screen!

Our intraoral scanners allow us to create high precision 3D impressions with great accuracy.

This advanced technology allows us to  scan your mouth and see the planning and customising of your smile on our computer screen.

The meticulous planning and your input from the onset will ensure the end result will be pleasing.

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