Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening

Unleash a whiter, healthier smile

Do you have stained teeth that make you feel self-conscious about smiling?

Most people have heard about whitening treatments but choosing one may be extremely confusing as there are so many different products, treatments and procedures on the market, all claiming to produce incredible results. At Renovo Dental, our friendly team will carefully assess your oral health and then discuss the different treatments with you and explain which treatment would be best. We have carefully selected the best range of treatments and are proud to offer these whitening methods to our patients.

Our two most popular whitening treatments are:

Home whitening

Our chosen solution for home whitening is White Dental Beauty. Available only through dentists, White Dental Beauty teeth whitening is effective, long lasting and safe. The gels are carefully formulated to maintain a neutral pH, contain water to avoid dehydration of the teeth and include a desensitising agent to help eliminate sensitivity during recommended treatments. They are gently flavoured with a pleasant mint taste which leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Here, we custom-make a light-weight plastic mouth tray for you that fits snuggly over your teeth. The White Dental gel is inserted into the trays and these are worn overnight or for a few hours during the day. Optimal results are seen after two weeks when your teeth will appear whiter and brighter.

A healthy, white and beautiful smile is an important social asset and White Dental Beauty is one of the best and cost-effective ways to achieve that smile you’ve always dreamt of.

Phillips Zoom

We have chosen Philips Zoom whitening treatment as it is a quicker alternative to whitening at home. This specialist system speeds up the whitening process by using WhiteSpeed light so that you can leave our practice with a whiter smile that is up to seven shades whiter in just ONE HOUR. This a quick way to a healthy, white smile that is safe and effective.

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