Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening

In under an hour, achieve up to seven shades brighter teeth.

Effortlessly attain a radiant, white smile

Philips Zoom! teeth whitening is a proven, secure method for revealing a stunning smile, backed by 25 years of research and professional know-how. It’s an easy-to-use treatment that ensures noticeable results while being kind to your teeth.

With Philips Zoom! in-office whitening, you can accelerate the journey to whiter teeth, providing you with a dazzling smile that boosts your self-assurance.

Choosing in-surgery whitening offers several benefits:

1. Speed: It’s a faster option compared to at-home treatments.

2. Immediate Results: You can leave the dental clinic with a noticeably whiter smile on the same day.

3. Effective Whitening: Achieve up to 7 shades lighter teeth in just one hour, thanks to the advanced WhiteSpeed light technology that enhances the whitening process.

Here’s how the process works:

1. Consultation Visit: Initially, see your dentist for a consultation to determine if your teeth are suitable for whitening.

2. Whitening Appointment: The actual whitening session will take about one hour.

3. At-home Maintenance: To sustain the whitening results, you will be provided with at-home trays and gel to use for five days.

During the whitening appointment, the following steps are involved:

1. Shade Recording: The dentist will first note the current shade of your teeth to track the progress.

2. Gum Protection: A protective barrier is applied to your gums to ensure safety during the treatment.

3. Application of Whitening Gel: The Philips Zoom! whitening gel is then evenly applied to your teeth.

4. Light Exposure: Your teeth are exposed to the WhiteSpeed lamp, which is used in four 15-minute cycles to activate and speed up the whitening process.

5. Customized Whitening Trays: Before leaving the dental office, you will receive personalized whitening trays. These are for at-home use to complete the treatment and maintain your smile. Typically, the cost of these trays is included in the overall treatment price. They can also be used periodically to refresh your smile as needed.

FAQ: Teeth Whitening Safety and Effectiveness

Is teeth whitening safe?

– Teeth whitening is safe when conducted by a dental professional, as supported by clinical studies.

– Philips Zoom! products comply with EU regulations, ensuring their safety and effectiveness.

What are the side effects?

– The most common side effect is tooth sensitivity.

– The concentration of the whitening formula can be adjusted to minimize sensitivity.

– Philips Zoom includes potassium nitrate and amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) in its formula, both of which help reduce sensitivity.

What causes teeth to discolour?

– Discoloration can be caused by coloured foods and beverages like coffee, tea, and red wine.

– Smoking is another major contributor to teeth discoloration.

– Natural aging processes also affect the colour of teeth.

How do I maximise the results?

– Continue maintenance whitening at home for sustained results.

– Limit intake of foods and drinks that can stain teeth.

– Philips Zoom! whitening gels contain ACP, which helps to reduce the fading of the whitening effect.

How long does the treatment take?

– The duration of the initial consultation may vary, so it’s best to ask your dental professional.

– The Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed treatment typically takes 1 hour, divided into four 15-minute cycles.

– During treatment, your dental professional will ensure that your mouth is kept in a comfortable, resting position

Where do I start…when I first came to Renova I was so scared but Shamila made me feel so welcome…she’s so friendly…I was seen by Usman he was really professional and put a brilliant plan in place for me..Pakeeza she’s the best!! She has been amazing so professional and definitely well experienced…shes helped with my gum treatment and stabilise my smile… Definitely recommend this dentist…!! Don’t think twice…
Smile S
Smile S
24 January 2024
Despite not going as much as I should, I would thoroughly recommend Usman and the team at Renovo Dentist in Chatburn. The reception and waiting area is clean and inviting with very friendly staff on hand to help you. Overall great experience!
Robyn Hardman
Robyn Hardman
23 January 2024
I unfortunately lost my retainer two days before Christmas Day; however, I was fortunate and Renovo booked me in the next day. All of the staff were incredibly friendly and lovely. The waiting room area was welcoming and had an ambience of warmth with a lovely Christmas tree. I dare to say Renovo has one of the best customer service; all of the staff are friendly and go above and beyond. I want to point out that when my mum didn’t have a seat, senior nurse Shamila kindly went and got an extra seat. Dr Usman Riaz made me an emergency retainer and it fits perfectly. Renovo also kindly posted my retainer home as I was unable to come into the practice. Renovo exceeded my expectations, and I will definitely be back for other treatments. I would definitely recommend going to Renovo for any concerns and treatments.
Venetia Stone
Venetia Stone
10 January 2024
Great experience! Well trained and friendly staff.. Shamila has been wonderful in assisting all our queries.. Rozina has been great in providing information too..In short i was hesitant before visiting this practice but i can now confidently say that i am glad i chose Renovo dental. Thanks to the renovo dental team for making our experience so smooth!
Fatima Arif
Fatima Arif
18 December 2023
Excellent Periodontal Experience at Renovo I recently visited Renovo for a connective tissue graft and my experience was outstanding. As someone who was initially apprehensive about undergoing a surgical procedure, I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and pain-free the entire process was. The procedure, led by a skilled periodontal specialist, lasted about 90 minutes. Throughout, the team was incredibly supportive, making sure I was comfortable and informed at every step. Post-procedure, I experienced some soreness once the numbness subsided, but it resolved quickly and I healed well. What stood out to me the most was the team's dedication to patient care. They were always available for follow-up questions, conveniently via WhatsApp, which made my recovery process much easier. Additionally, the practice itself had a welcoming and professional ambiance. Overall, I highly recommend Renovo for their exceptional service and patient care. They turned a daunting experience into a positive one, and I am extremely satisfied with the results.
Tahir Mahmood
Tahir Mahmood
15 December 2023
The best dentist! Had spark aligners my teeth are now perfect. Thankyou usman. Renovo also won best practice of the year also , very well deserved! Thankyou
Laura Burrow
Laura Burrow
13 December 2023
Usman and his team are fantastic. I arrived as a nervous patient with a twice failed root canal from overseas that had resulted in a serious infection in my jaw that had also been causing other heath issues. Usman created a detailed plan to correct this and an ongoing care and improvements plan (that I’m part way through but great results). They are a team of absolute professionals and specialist in their respective areas. I won’t go anywhere else now. Care and treatments far beyond what the NHS can offer and will hopefully keep my teeth safe and healthy for years to come. Thank you
Aimee W
Aimee W
13 December 2023
Treatment so far… I haven’t been to the dentist since before covid after a pretty unfortunate experience. However, I needed to find one and I came across Renovo as a recommended place for anxious patients. I booked in to get the invisilign treatment, but before I could do this, I needed a deep clean, stain removal and 5 fillings. I was sick with anxiety before my first appointment.. I . It turns handle pain and the knowledge that I needed 5 fillings was leaving me filled with dread. I didn’t even have to worry. Pakeeza was the dental therapist who saw to all my treatments, and I can’t tell you how amazing she is at what she does. As soon as I mentioned my anxiety, she put me straight at ease. She put on my favourite music and then proceeded to numb me with a gel before she put any anaesthetic in. She talked me though every bit and told me to close my eyes and focus on the music at all the right times! I didn’t feel one thing. I’ve never had an experience like it!! After each visit, I was actually looking forward to the dentist!! My next appointment was with Usman for my Invisalign. It turns out, I needed my two bottom wisdom teeth out and I was terrified. I didn’t need to be though!! I had my wisdom teeth out 3 days ago and I didn’t feel a thing, AGAIN!!! Plus, Usman was that QUICK, he put my Invisalign in as well. Honestly these are the BEST dentists for miles!!! I would definitely recommend!!!
Shelby Gray
Shelby Gray
12 December 2023
Renovo Dental is an absolutely amazing dental practice! I have lived in many countries across Europe and can honestly say that Renovo Dental is the best dentist I have ever been to. You can tell they are an amazing dentist from the very first visit. To give a bit of back story, I’ve had many dental problems recently. Both with receding gums and many cavities in my teeth. I haven’t had many dental problems throughout my entire life until recently. Then out of no where I’ve had nothing but problems. I already had a local dentist in the area but decided it was time for a change. I saw all of the 5 star reviews on Google about Renovo and decided to check them out. From the very first visit I could not have been more impressed. As soon as you walk in, it’s like you’re in a luxury hotel lobby. Comfy chairs, amazing decor, chilled atmosphere with music in the background (especially appreciated when you’re just about to have a dental procedure). The customer service is absolutely top quality! As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted with a coffee, tea or water. You would have thought it would have been just at the first visit, but they have offered me this every time I have gone there. Literally amazing customer service! Then when you’re seen by Dr Usman for your first appointment, I was completely amazed at not only the technical knowledge of everything dental, but also the unbelievable technology that is used in combination with this knowledge. They were able to perform 3D scans of my teeth very quickly and not only identified what the problems were immediately, but were able to show me and explain to me exactly what was happening. Trust me, I went to a top dental practice in Germany when I lived there and can honestly say Renovo is much better. As of right now I have had many appointments with Renovo Dental and I can honestly say I’m left thoroughly impressed every time I leave the dental practice. Also the Hygenist appointments with Pakeeza have been absolutely excellent! She has performed many composite fillings and everyone of them has been brilliant. I honestly cannot recommend Renovo Dental enough! If you’re in the Ribble Valley and you’re wondering which dental practice to pick then for sure you have found the right one with Renovo.
Djebrine Hamoum
Djebrine Hamoum
26 November 2023
Went for fillings today with the hygienist Pakeeza and as usual a very comfortable experience. I have been a regular client for a few years now (Invisalign, composite bonding and whitening with Usman) and it’s always a great experience at Renovo. All the staff are very friendly and go above and beyond. Definitely the best dental practice around and would 100% recommend for anyone needing routine or cosmetic treatments
Katie Stanfield
Katie Stanfield
25 November 2023

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