Mercury-Free Fillings

Biocompatible fillings

Are you looking for a filling which is biocompatible and enhances your natural smile?

Suppose you have developed a cavity or damaged a tooth, we can repair and preserve as much tooth structure as possible with our specialist biocompatible restorations.

At Renovo Dental, our biocompatible white and invisible fillings are the perfect fusion of artistic and technical perfection. Our highly aesthetic ‘art restorations’ are created by hand using the highest quality material perfectly match the colour of your teeth.

What are biocompatible fillings?

Our biocompatible fillings are made from a special ceramic-resin composite that is BPA and metal-free. The material is particularly hard wearing, resistant to colour changes and will blend in perfectly so you won’t even know there is a filling there.

Aesthetic correction of shape
Replacement of amalgam fillings
Caries treatment and replacement of the filling

If you already have black amalgam fillings, why not speak to our team about replacing them with ones that are almost undetectable from natural teeth.

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