Gum disease is silent, so it’s important to get a professional to check for signs regularly.

Untreated gum disease is one of the most common oral health problems and if not treated can result in damage to the supporting structures of the teeth. This can lead to gum recession, sensitivity and movement or loss of teeth. There are two forms of gum disease, the milder being gingivitis and the more serious is called periodontitis.

Periodontists are specialised in the management of situations where gum disease is severe and excessive and can assist with regeneration of the supporting structures which have been lost.

Renovo Dental is a specialist periodontics centre that treats cases of all complexities with surgical and non-surgical interventions.

Root Surface Debridement (RSD)

This process is usually performed in situations where gum disease does not respond to normal brushing or cleaning with the hygienist. It involves deep cleaning the teeth below the gum line using delicate and intricate instruments that vibrate and flush away the deposits of bacteria, calculus and plaque from the root surface. The process is normally done under local anaesthetic to make it as comfortable as possible. If you are particularly nervous, we offer a sedation service.

Renovo Dental is a specialist Periodontics centre where one of a handful of specialists in Lancashire, Dr Khurram Hussain, is based here.

Dr Hussain and his team will ensure that you return to having excellent dental health and a smile you can be proud of.

Gum Grafting

If gum disease is allowed to progress, it can result in the recession of gums which can make the teeth look longer, gaps between teeth showing as dark triangles and increased sensitivity of the teeth.

At Renovo Dental, we can use special bone substitute materials to replace the supporting structure of the gums. We can also surgically reposition gum tissue from one part of the mouth to another to correct these recession defects.

Cosmetic gum surgery

Are you sensitive that you show too much gum when you smile? This is a very common problem called a ‘gummy smile’.

The gummy smile may be due to a combination of factors such as the gum line being too prominent or the teeth being too small or worn. At Renovo Dental, we can transform gummy smiles by sculpting your gum and raising your gum line and restoring teeth. 

A simple gummy smile makeover can be done in one visit in and takes approximately 90 minutes to transform your smile.

We can also perform crown lengthening that involves the removal of some of the gum and supporting tissues to increase the height of the teeth. This can result in the teeth appearing longer and produce a broader smile.

Protect your implants from peri-implantitis

Dental implants are made from synthetic materials and are not affected by tooth decay. However, the tissue surrounding the implants can result in serious gum disease and infection called peri-implantitis. This can result in implant failure and loss.

Peri-implantitis prevention

It is important to choose a dentist who is experienced and knowledgeable about implants and associated care. At Renovo Dental, many of our dentists are specialists in the field and can support you in maintaining optimal oral health and ensure the longevity of the implants.

Peri-implantitis treatment

If peri-implantitis has been diagnosed, we are able treat this by deep cleaning the implant and the supporting gum around it. If there is bone loss, we can offer bone regeneration and gum grafting procedures.

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