Root Canal

Root Canal

If you have been experiencing severe tooth pain, it is possible that the pulp or nerve at the centre of the tooth has become infected or inflamed because of tooth decay or trauma. This may require root canal treatment.

The words root canal treatment may induce fear into the hearts of many patients, but it is an essential procedure without which you could lose your tooth. However, this is nothing to be afraid of as our in-house endodontist,
Dr Haleema Yakub, has undergone extra postgraduate specialist training and is highly experienced and skilled in the treatment of complex cases. Dr Yakub welcomes all patients in a kind-hearted and compassionate manner.

The infection from the root is cleared with specialist equipment and the space inside the root is then cleaned and filled to prevent further infection. We may then add a crown on top to provide extra strength. All the treatment is under local anaesthetic and we also offer a sedation service.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, contact Renovo Dental in Chatburn on 01200 441000 today to book an appointment for root canal treatment.

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